Wondering About God?

 Prayer of Salvation
 Salvation is the Biblical term for becoming a Christian or being "born again." Salvation assures a person's eternal life with God in heaven. It can neither be earned nor purchased. It is freely given to any who will receive it. To reject God's gift of Jesus as one's personal Savior leads to eternal life in the place we refer to as "Hell."
If you wish to become a Christian (to receive salvation) humbly pray the following prayer:
"Lord, Jesus, I sincerely repent for my sins and my past sinful life. I believe in my heart that you died for me and that God raised you from the dead. I receive you into my heart, Jesus, as my Lord and Savior."
 If you prayed this prayer sincerely, you are now a Christian. The salvation you have just received is God's gift to you personally. You have become a new creation in Christ Jesus and your eternal destiny is now assured.
Your next step is to grow in the knowledge of what it means to be a Christian. Membership and attendance in a local Church is fundamental. We welcome  all who wish to attend New Life Worship Center, but our higher purpose is that you connect with a Church somewhere in your community. As such, we heartily encourage you to find your place in the body of Christ. Please let us know if you have received salvation, or if you should have any questions or comments about New Life Worship Center.